On April 04, 2018 in Algeria, Condor the Algerian leader of smartphones, took part at the MEDPI for the second year. The event took place and time at Paris from 04 to 6 April, where different constructors of advanced technologies from all over the world have met to establish and tighten their commercial partnership.

The Condor Company was strongly present alongside with more than 250 participants where it was a space and a chance to reveal their latest technologies in the smartphone world. 

“Our products made us, we Condor company, a true reliable actor in the French market, we are committed to offer the latest technologies the world have known and with attractive prices, however, our Flagship does not exceed 299 euros, we offer you cutting-edge devices

with stylish, refined and an attractive design”  said Mr. Fares Al Mousli development manager.

The MEDPI was created 22 years ago, in the frame of support of development of marketing business of new technologies, and product distribution, in other words Retail.


The MEDPI is deem to be a place where constructors of new technologies will conquer the market with different products including, computing, connected objects, virtual reality, Drones, also Gaming and small households appliances and not to mention, smartphones.

The MEDPI 2018 will put forward a special edition, from 04 to 06 April, for the first time the MEDPI takes place in Paris at convention center. A place suitable for business conference, constructors will be able to reveal their latest innovations also discuss the world of technologies and try to build together a new sale and distribution strategy that fits most and satisfy the consumer.

The MEDPI will provide the participants better accessibility and more resources to build and expand their business networks. In addition, MEDPI will promotes discovery and meetings between many constructors that are nowadays, the key of the market success of different type of products in France also more in the French-speaking countries of Europe and North Africa.


The new “Allure M3”

 Condor unveils its flagship smartphone, the Allure M3. A true flagship of the brand, the M3 combines performance, autonomy and design, thus offering the consumer the most wanted and advanced smartphone and to fulfil the ambition and the dream of conquering the French market.

When it comes to spec the phone say it all, it has a 19;9 screen thanks to the Ultra high-definition 6.2 inch format, and following the new style the M3 comes with a “Notch”

Just for the consumer to experience a new era of smartphones, the screen is far away a taking breath thing, a futuristic screen, thanks to the Corning Gorilla Glass protection technology.

The phone is solid and resistant, fluid, responsive and have an amazing speed of data processing thanks to its Helio P60 processor. 

Moreover, for the first time, the "Allure M3" is now supporting “Wireless Charging” and “Face unlock “ 3D.

The M3 will run under la latest version of Android the 8.1 Oreo, and equipped with an (AI) artificial intelligence chip. Where the user interface is perfectly optimized and reimagined so that, the costumer will be able to enjoy different media content with less data consumption.

When it comes to photography, The M3 is equipped with a dual camera system 16MP + 5MP, and a Bokeh mode so you can take amazing pictures while in day or night. 

The M3 is a piece of art deserves to be one of the best smartphones.

Mean features: 


-       Screen resolution : 6.2” FHD 19:9 

-       Wireless Charging system

-       Memory : 64GB ROM +4GB RAM

-       Battery : 3050mAh

-       Processor : HelioP60