Oran, April 17, 2018- Condor Group announces its participation as a partner in the technical and scientific days and the Science Expo, organized by Sonatrach at the CCO of Oran. 

Condor Group, a key player in the Algerian economy, is making a name for itself through its subsidiary specialized in the manufacture of photovoltaic panels and Condor Dasan through a 40 m² exhibition space in a strategic location. Where its engineers exhibit the latest Technological innovations to meet the concerns of professionals through a wide range of products, solar panels, solar modules and batteries.

The Scientific and Technical Days (STD) are launched on the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the creation of SONATRACH (31 Dec. 1963 - 31 Dec. 1993). The opportunity is to unite all its energies around a collective reflection on the hydrocarbon industry in Algeria and the challenges that lie ahead in a changing environment and, especially, ever changing.

The STD are therefore a flagship area of communication, valuing skills, sharing experiences and promoting the result culture and Logic Knowledge Management.

It is a crossroads, unique and essential for SONATRACH, to organize its staff a periodic-regular meeting, in collaboration with its Partners, Researchers and Academicians, Experts, etc. and discuss the Scientific and Technical news related to the Oil & Gas Industry.