On March 16, 2018 in Tunisia, Mr. Abderrahmane Benhamadi, Chief executive of the administration council of Condor met with the market players subcontracting of the automotive industry this Friday in Tunisia.

On March 14, 2018, in Bordj Bou Arreridj, Condor Group, gave notice that he will take part as an official sponsor in the ceremony of the best product of the year 2017, organized in the province of Bordj Bou Arreridj, on Thursday March 15, 2018, on the great occasion of the Consumer protection national day.

On March 16, 2018 in Bordj Bou Arreridj, The Condor Group announced his participation as a partner of the General Elective Assembly of the Algerian Red Crescent, expected to take place in the Benhamadi Hotel at Bordj Bou Arreridj during three days 14, 15 and 16 March 2018.

Cotonou, March 13, 2018 - The Algerian giant Condor is making a new step forward with the inauguration of the new showroom beyond the Algerian borders.