Centralized air conditioning is now a window for a bright future. This technology stands out as the ideal solution for the equipment of many collective infrastructures such as administrations, hospitals, business centers, and airports also, thanks to the small capacity equipment offered, for domestic use: villas, private houses, etc.

The first installations were made at the level of the group's industrial sites, the success encouraged the company's management to move forward to conquer the national market, which had been till now monopolized by a few foreigners suppliers .

Condor already has serious references to the reliability of its knowledge. We thus realized our first project by equipping the mixed company Fertial and other major institutions and organizations: the University of Biskra, the airport of Setif and the hospitals of of 'Aïndefla city.

To stay ahead of the game, Condor offers an end-to-end service, ranging from the study to the installation of the equipment, to the startup, to ensure its maintenance. For large infrastructures, Condor provides on-site training for personnel in charge of the operation of air conditioning equipment.

A huge challenge, the launch of the collective air-conditioning sector is also the bearer of an ambitious project of training human resources to master the advanced technologies. The high level of qualification of our engineers and technicians, some of whom have been trained abroad, is a decisive asset in the company's commercial development strategy.

Whether it is an air conditioning project for a new building, a makeover, a hospital, a hotel, a shopping center, an office application or an industrial process and a data center, CONDOR remains the provider of tailored solutions. Condor centralized air-conditioning systems offer the possibility of treating multiple spaces with a single main installation. This gives great comfort of use and allows significant energy savings.

Condor also offers:

Air-Liquid coolers (chillers) and Heat pumps (PAC) with air or water condensation, direct detente systems (VRV), monobloc roof air conditioners (rooftop), convector fans and advanced solutions air treatment.