The environmental issues of the present local and international contexts justify Condor's choice of opening up on the perspectives of sustainable development by investing at least 938 million dinars in a project called « renewable energy». Condor's factory is intended for the production of photovoltaic panels with silicon-based technology whose power may vary between 70 and 28 watts (mono & poly). This product is intended for industrial use (solar stations), houses, agricultural pumping, rural electrification and street lightning. 

Condor will take care of the design of the installations, the manufacture and the installation of solar panels as well as the customer service.


Spreading over an area of 5584 square meters, of which 9072 square meters are covered, this factory includes a ground floor and two other floors dedicated to the production and the storage of raw materials and end goods as well as the administration.


This infrastructure with a nominal production capacity of 50 MW/ Year with an operating cycle of 2X8 hours and with a total workforce of approximately 200 employees, which became active since May 2013.

Solar Kits Catalog 2014

Customer Service Agents

In order to ensure a Customer Service coverage over the whole of the national territory, Condor has mobilised considerable human and material means, by launching the formula 2 years warranty + 3 years of availability of the spare part.

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