The industrial competition we face, and our ambition for development, requires us to constantly evolve, in order to be competitive and to satisfy our customers as well as our relevant interested parties.

Condor Electronics, a leader in the local high-tech and home appliances market, with its state-of-the-art products and an efficient industrial model, aims to pursue a real development policy thanks to its Integrated management system.



  • Comply with legal, regulatory and other requirements;
  • Put in place the necessary resources;
  • Ensure the prevention of the environment;
  • Preserve the health and safety of employees, consult them and involve them;
  • Continuously improve the performance of the SMI.



  • Develop the skills of LEADERSHIPS;
  • Develop the skills of operational management;
  • Retain staff;
  • Reduce costs;
  • Set up a technology watch and product innovation;
  • Develop the brand internationally;
  • Reduce environmental waste and adopt a Eco-Responsible Culture;
  • Reduce staff exposure to OHS risks.


Every day we face the challenge of being ever more efficient in our field of activity. 

I count on each of you, regardless of your position, to continue to put this policy into practice to achieve our strategic goals.

Bordj Bou Arreridj, 20/02/2018