Energy is a very sensitive subject and considered as major factor for companies, which it should not be ignored, therefore, CONDOR ELECTRONICS Company took measures then decided to pledge into a process of continuous improvement of its energy performance for industrial and commercial activities.

Following a structured approach by the ISO 50001 standard “Energy management system”, that aim to a better use of energy consumption and recognizes the ecological impact.
Obtaining this certification and applying standard are only objectives priorities of the company.


  • Identify major energy consumption activities, and build up a suitable plan of action and strategic measures.
  • Develop a corporate culture of responsible management of energy by educating, involving and motivating all staff members.
  • Provide the necessary resources to ensure energy data is available and enable objectives and targets to be achieved.
  • Share best practices for energy management amongst our facilities.
  • Encourage the purchase of products and activities more energy efficient.
  • Respect all legal laws and commitments.


  • Master energy efficiency properly.

The QHSE (Quality Health Safety and Environment) department shall consider this approach and keep watch over the efficiency of energy management system.

We shall mobilize our energy to move forward our society.

Bordj Bou Arreridj in 20/06/2018