Reference : F5500W

Family : Saphir

Our jewel Saphir exists in 4-burner 60x60 cm but also in 80x60 cm versions. This cooker offers a very spacious 77 L oven in the 4-burner version and 115 L in the 5-burner version, a digital timer as well as a thermostat and a triple outlet burner on the 80x60 cm version

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  • Technical features
Number of table burners 5
Triple output burner YES
Digital Timer. YES
Thermostat YES
Enameled pot support YES
Enameled burner covers YES
Lamp & rotating spit YES
Double glazed door. YES
Oven volume. 115 L
Thermos down door YES
Dimensions Cm 80x60x82
Weight: 52 KG