Condor electronics (Joint-stock company), is a company specialized in the manufacture of: (Electronic equipment and home appliances, computers, agri-food, packaging, construction materials and international trade.), which has enabled us to manage a large volume of businesses and projects.

Our products involve a whole set of leading edge technologies with a level of exceptional quality.

Thanks to our aggressive policy in terms of price, reliability and after sales service, we have risen ourselves among the highest performing Algerian brands in the country and won the heart of the Algerians.

The tremendous success that our products have had on the Algerian market and well beyond our borders, is indicative of the very high quality of manufacture and the effectiveness of our devices, which can now make the pride of Algeria, and this, at the dawn of its accession to the WTO (World Trade Organization).

The success of Condor rests mainly on the human factor (women and men), key elements of its approach, these latter have been invested with an autonomy such that they can only flourish and develop their professional skills. The enthusiasm and the total involvement of each and every one in the service of the company -and this, in a same team spirit- has contributed to achieving the goals, namely the extension of the products range to always more innovative ones, which provide more comfort, satisfaction, ease of use and security. Our customers have been able to assess all of that, and return it well by trusting us even more.

It was originally a small business of trade in foodstuffs and transport, founded and shaped by the patriarch of the family, El Hadj Mohamed Taher Benhamadi.

Thanks to its business reflexes, a commercial spirit and an acute sense of creation, El Hadj Mohamed Taher, traced the first track that led to the creation of the Group Benhamadi.

Today, the group represents one of the Algerian companies conglomerates the most powerful and active on the economic sphere of the country. It operates in various fields of activities and displays results worthy of being cited as an example.