The first step for a future without Cancer is prevention and awareness.

This is the objective of SICAN, organized on the occasion of International Cancer Day.

Condor is joining the event by presenting a healthy nutritional program, in partnership with doctors and specialized chefs.

Condor renews its partnership and collaboration agreement with the Ministry of Vocational Training and Education on the sidelines of the National Forum held today under the theme of the relationship between the sector and the economic partner.

This synergy aims to create an environment for practical training and benefit from the know-how acquired by the apprentices with the possibility of recruitment at the end of the course.

Condor is participating in the SIEM International Household Appliances Exhibition held from February 15 to 19, 2024 at the Palais des exhibitions (Safex) des Pins Maritimes, Algiers.

Condor Official Partner of the Fourth Edition of the volunteer medical caravan heading to the highlands and the deep south, a caravan which will reach 18 regions for 04 months.