Over the years, CONDOR ELECTRONICS has managed to build a history and a remarkable journey through which customer satisfaction and continual improvement have always been part of our values and commitments, and in honor of those virtues, the company has decided to renew its policy in order to keep up with the times and maintain proximity with our customers and stakeholders.

Our Leading position and the recurrent evolution of our context motivate us to constantly innovate in order to overcome the challenges of our era and sustain our brand. Therefore, Condor relies on its Integrated Management System to deploy the following strategic priorities: 


• Increase product integration rates and reduce manufacturing costs.

• Manage our growth by subsidiarizing our business units.

• Develop strategic alliances and maintain sustainable partnerships.

• Enhance our international positioning and expand exports.

• Modernize our organization and develop our human capital skills.

• Promote digitalization and ensure the security of our information systems.

• Foster an eco-friendly culture and improve our environmental performance.

• Protect health and safety and improve working conditions.


To this end, we are committed to providing all available resources in order to:


• Comply with customer requirements, legal and other relevant requirements. 

• Ensure consultation and participation of workers and stakeholders.

• Prevent pollution and control our environmental impacts.

• Eliminate hazards and minimize OH&S risks.

• Achieve our objectives and continuously improve our IMS.


The Executive Board places particular emphasis on the effectiveness of our Management System and expects all employees and stakeholders to embrace this policy and devote all efforts in order to meet our commitments and objectives. 


                                                                                                                                                                      I   Bordj Bou Arreridj 26/02/2023


                                                                                                                                                                                         Ahmed HARROUZ